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CROC Model 2-Man Utility Skiff

The Croc Model is an expanded version of the Gator Sneakboat, with a wider transom and taller sides.  This results in a dramatic increase in stability and capacity for a small boat that can fit 1 man and a mess of gear, or 2 men on short trips.  This boat really shines as a small adult and child craft.  Good for backwaters, rivers, and lakes, the transom can support an electric or gas outboard.  It can be built with or without the livewell and front seat. 
Requires no special tools or skills, and built with materials commonly available at local home centers.  This is a quick and easy boat to build and is a great compromise between a sneakboat and a johnboat.  The versatility of this boat makes it one of our top sellers.


Length: 11' 9" on deck Side Height: 15"
Max. Width: 38" floor, 44" rails Capacity: 500 lb
Weight: ~ 75 lb Sugg. Motor: elec. or gas to 5 hp
Build Time*: ~ 24 hrs. Avg. Material Cost* < $100

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wooden utility boat

Very stable for size, good alternative
to tippy canoes for fly fishing
and casting

wooden utility boat Under paddle power, the Croc is a
smooth, quiet boat for relaxing
and poking around
wooden utility boat Optional bootstripe and breakwater
add classic flair to this design
wooden utility boat Interior of a Fir and Pine model
wooden utility boat Roomy interior for a sub 12' boat.
Can also be built without livewell
and front seat
wooden utility boat
wooden utility boat
Even 3 hp pushes 450 lbs well, drawing about 3".  Draws about 2" with clear bow over water with 200 lb
wooden utility boat The Croc holds a 3 hp nicely wooden utility boat You won't find a sharper looking
than the Croc!
wooden boat plans


3 pgs. detailed text instructions, 2 pgs. illustrations w/dimensions & a complete materials list.

PLANS:  $25

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*Time varies with options, included, your woodworking experience and tools, this is a medium average.
**Avg. Material Cost includes basic Pine board and exterior ply, galv. screws and oil paint.  Does not include epoxy.

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