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The Darkwater Skiff is named for the deep black water rivers of SC, such as the Edisto, which run through rich organic soils and abundant cypress knees.  This skiff design has proven itself for generations in the Southeast on rivers, lakes and rough coastal conditions.  Designed for heavy duty, commercial grade use, the Darkwater is a little harder to build than some other skiff designs, but it is unequalled in durability and performance.
The Darkwater Skiff features a removable dry-box that serves as the front seat and a removable rear seat, to ease both cleanup and drying.  A piece of ply can be cut to lay atop the ribs with the seats removed for tangle-free bait net casting and shrimp net hauling.
It is recommended that you have some woodworking experience and access to the basic tools, including a tablesaw.


Length: 13'5" on deck Side Height: 17"
Max. Width: 58" Capacity: 950 lb
Weight: ~ 300 lb Sugg. Motor: up to 20 hp
Build Time*: ~ 75 hrs. Avg. Material Cost* ~$325

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Wooden Boat, Skiff Can be fitted with swivel seats or traditional benches.  This model features an Oak deck and Fir trim.  (This is the stock interior layout detailed in the plans.) Wooden Boat, Skiff This view shows an alternate interior and deck layout designed by one of our customers, Paul Gray (other photos of his boat are on our "customers photos" page).
Equally balanced at rest or on
planed at top speed
Wooden Boat, Skiff While it's a heavy-duty workhorse,
it's still as graceful as you expect
a wooden boat to be
Wooden Boat, Skiff Partially finished boat showing
interior ribwork.  This boat is
extremely durable and solidly built
Wooden Boat, Skiff Versatile design allows front box and rear seat to be quickly removed for maintenance or added cargo room
Wooden Boat, Skiff Just a 9.9 hp planes the boat quickly
with two adults
Wooden Boat, Skiff Launches and loads easily using
a small johnboat trailer
Wooden Boat Plans


8 pgs. detailed text instructions, 9 pgs. illustrations w/dimensions & a complete materials list.

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*Time on this model varies heavily based on your woodworking experience and tools, this is a medium average.
**Avg. Material Cost includes basic Pine board and exterior ply, galv. screws and oil paint.  Does not include epoxy.

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