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2+ Man Marshboat

The Duckhunter is an expanded Big Mamma hull design with full decking.  Having been available in plan format for about 8 years now, the Duckhunter is one of the leading wooden Duckboat plans available online.  There are plenty of recent offerings out there, and if you're eager to try out some new idea from a guy with a CAD program that doesn't actually build his boats before posting them for sale online, thats your right.  If you want a plan that is going to easy to build and alter to your needs and that has been built by hundreds of builders and has a current high traffic forum with thousands of positive builder reviews, then there's only one option...The Duckhunter. 

The Duckhunter is what sportsmen refer to as a "marshboat", a craft that has the ability to serve as a function-specific boat for hunting when fitted with a blind, or can be used for general sporting duty year-round.  This boat will require a small trailer, as it's got a pretty substantial floor size and length.  The bow cargo area can be built with an open top as a dog perch, or as shown for dry storage.  The stern cargo area houses your gas tank.
This boat is an especially stable platform for hunting or fishing, and though it was designed for low-speed uses, it's handling is still very predictable under power.
Requires no special tools or skills, and built with materials commonly available at local home centers.  This is a quick and easy boat to build and is a great introduction to boatbuilding for those needing a little more room.


Length: 14'7" on deck Side Height: 8",  17" incl. decking
Max. Width: 48" floor, 55" rails Capacity: 1100 lb
Weight: ~ 160 lb Sugg. Motor: gas to 20 hp
Build Time*: ~ 50 hrs. Avg. Material Cost* ~$160

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(Be sure to take a look at the other photos submitted by our builders.)

Wooden Duckboat One of our builders, Chad White, under full speed with 25hp in his newly built Duckhunter.  See Chad's other photos here and on our "Customers Photos" page Wooden Duckboat Chad again, making a hard turn.  This boat is a good, predictable handler and stable platform for shooting or fishing
Wooden Duckboat Bow has good rocker, resulting in
more maneuverability at low speed, where the Duckhunter was really designed to excel.  See Dennis's other photos on our "Customers Photos" page.
Wooden Duckboat Rides well on a small johnboat trailer
Wooden Duckboat Low profile floor seating for good concealment, or mount a pedestal swivel seat for bass fishing Wooden Duckboat Excellent stability, that's over 200 pounds on the bow deck with no
motor or tanks to counterbalance
the transom
Wooden Duckboat Graceful design lets you truly enjoy your time in the field.  This is no bangy synthetic material, it's all natural! Wooden Duckboat The bulkheads and interior framing
before adding deck
Wooden Duckboat

Clean, classic marshboat lines, storage, stability...all you need in a duckboat.

Brad Taylor built this Duckhunter, see his other photos on our "Builders Photos" Page.

PLANS:  $25

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*Time varies with options, included, your woodworking experience and tools, this is a medium average.
**Avg. Material Cost includes basic Pine board and exterior ply, galv. screws and oil paint.  Does not include epoxy.

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