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The Pirogue Model is a very traditional bayou boat, long popular in the Mississippi Delta and other Southeastern backwaters.  The Pirogue can be built from 12' to 16' in length and can be of a double-pointed canoe style (known as the Pirogue), or a flat-sterned skiff style (known as a Cajun Skiff).  Instructions for all of these variations are included in the plans.
The Pirogue is a special use boat and does require some attention from the user, but once you get the hang of it, you can pole the boat standing and zip it into spots that no other boat will go.  It's great for getting into those secret fishing holes under the brush.

Requires no special tools or skills, and built with materials commonly available at local home centers.  This is our quickest and easiest boat to build.


Length: 12'-16' on deck Side Height: 8"-12"
Max. Width: 24" floor, 32" rails Capacity: 300 lb
Weight: ~ 40 lb (12' version) Sugg. Motor: paddle or elec. troller
Build Time: ~ 10 hrs. Avg. Material Cost ~$75

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Wooden Pirogue / Skiff / Canoe Plans

Unreal maneuverability and speed
under paddle power

Wooden Pirogue / Skiff / Canoe Plans Cajun Skiff version, with flat transom
Wooden Pirogue / Skiff / Canoe Plans Interior of Skiff version Interior of Pirogue version
Wooden Pirogue / Skiff / Canoe Plans Very clean lines and easy to build Wooden Pirogue / Skiff / Canoe Plans A pair of our teenage customers launch
their new Pirogue
Shallow draft and quick handling mean you can get into the tightest spots Wooden Pirogue / Skiff / Canoe Plans Yes, you can stand in it...with a
little practice
Wooden Boat Plans


2 pgs. detailed text instructions, 2 pgs. illustrations w/dimensions & full-size stem pattern & a complete materials list.

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