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boatbuilding with epoxy

plywood boat plywood boat
Attached are some pics of the Big Mama I just completed. The plywood, except the floor, is a 1/4" marine that has a hardwood like surface. It takes epoxy real good and looks great finished. I faced all the plywood edges so none show. The dark wood is a South American hardwood called Ipe, and finishes like mahogany.
William Hogg


I thought you would like to see some pictures of my version of the Big Mama. The tubes on the side are for flotation incase the boat gets swamped. Storms can blow up unexpectedly on the lakes in Central Florida so I figured I needed the added floatation. It is powered by a Pedal-Pro human powered unit.
John Mason


boatbuilding with epoxy boatbuilding with epoxy

Attached are more pics of Trudy.
I have put 3 coats of epoxy inside and out.  I sure wanted to get her in the water this year, But I will wait and get her in the water next spring (05).  I have learned that patience is a virtue when using epoxy paint.
Keith Epperly
boatbuilding boat plans boatbuilding boat plans boatbuilding boat plans Me and my 10 year old son built this boat on the weekends from the plans we purchased from you. You should see the sparkle in his eyes. we worked very hard on this boat and he dearly loves to fish, We did a lot of research on how to paint this and we came up with this, 2 coats of Kop Coats marine paint after the Thompson Water Seal and then roughed it up before applying 2 coats of oil base paint covered with 2 coats of poly. the top has three coats of Helmsman Exterior Poly.
Timothy Evans
home built wooden boat home built wooden boat home built wooden boat home built wooden boat
Dear Henry,
Well I finally finished and launched my boat!. The inside and top rails were coated with epoxy and then spar varnished. The exterior hull was also coated with epoxy and then two coats of white 2-part polyurethane, a primer coat and finish coat.  I'm very happy with the results. She handles better than I thought she would.  It's a great design and was very fast to build. Thanks!!
Best regards,
Jeff Raflo

boatbuilding boat plans
boatbuilding boat plans boatbuilding boat plans boatbuilding boat plans

Thought I'd send a few pics of the "Big Mama" I built this week. My wife was out of town visiting her "Big Mama" so I thought it only fitting that I build a namesake. That, plus the fact that she would have had a fit if she were here (the "you already have too many boats" argument). So I needed a boat I could build in my spare time in the week she was gone.
I modified the construction technique somewhat, I decided to use a technique that I used on a sea kayak I built 3 years ago. I used "stitch and glue" construction method. It is pretty easy and quick. You cut out the bottom and sides, and then rather than using the piece of beveled wood, you "stitch" the pieces together using wire. 16 gauge copper wire is best, but I had some electric fence wire left over so I used that. When the stitching is complete, thickened epoxy is used to form a filet. Fiberglass tape is then applied to both inside and out.  On the bottom, I completely fiberglassed and epoxied the outside. It makes it a little heavier, but very strong.

Thanks for the great plans.
Bill Jonakin

A brief Rest of the Story (with credit to Paul Harvey) - When my wife got home last night about 11PM, I brought her in the front door rather than through the garage - no need to upset her after traveling cross country. While she was going through the mail on the kitchen table (where I had cut the fiberglass cloth to cover the bottom) she noticed a single small strand of fiberglass on one of the kitchen chairs. She picked it up, examined it closely, and turned to me and said, "You built another darned boat didn't you?" She then marched into the garage, turned on the light, and I had to throw myself on the mercy of the court. In the future, I'll make sure there isn't any fiber evidence left around!

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