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Customers' Duckhunter Photos
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It just wouldn't be right to have a photos page for the Duckhunter without giving the top row to the builder that has not only built the most Duckhunter boats of any other, but who has also taken the step from novice to professional boatbuilder, now designing and custom building the finest wooden duckboats available in the US - Brad Taylor of Salisbury, NC.  Brad is also our forum moderator and a great help to new builders. 
Take a look at Brad's photos below, from first boat to Best of Show awards and Wildfowl Magazine articles, then click his link to visit Toller Boatworks.
If you really want a top-notch Duckhunter, but are sure you can't manage building one yourself, forward your plans to Brad for a unique and detailed boat.


I have completed my Duckhunter and let me tell you that thing looks AWESOME!
I just wanted to mail out the pictures I've taken since I started til completion. I teach school, so building a Duckhunter was my summer project. My wife would have killed me if I tried to build this in our carport so I used a rental storage unit and completed it in only a month. This boat was fun to build, however, duck season can't get here fast enough now. I added a few extras; the stern storage is completely dry, hence the raised lid, I installed "driving" lights on the front, LED lights under the gunwales and in the storage compartment, and a bilge pump, all controlled by a rocker panel in the rear bulkhead. The exterior is finished with epoxy and 6 oz. fiberglass. I also coated the interior floor to slightly above the chine with roll on bedliner and added an extra set of grass rails at the stern of the boat. I did the camo job myself just using spray paint and overspraying leaves, etc... All I need now is some pictures of ducks laid across the deck!!
B. Taylor

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Just thought I'd drop these pictures over to you. I had my first true duck hunt out of the Duckhunter this morning, previously we had only goose hunted and opening day of duck season I took my boat but we hunted out of my buddy's 1860 with a fixed blind, stove and heaters ;)  Anyway, the ducks never knew what hit them.  Thanks again for such great plans. Also I think the new BBS boards will really help your builders.
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I made a few modifications plus added some extras. I used vinyl coated shelving as flapper boards. They will serve as decoy storage on the way out and once grassed make for a nice blind. The camo on this boat has to be one of my favorites.
Modifications included an extra knee on the interior that allowed me to add push pole racks under the gunwales as well as gun racks on each side. The floors were coated with 2 part epoxy bedliner. I also sectioned off the front and rear compartment so I could add foam for floatation. The front storage area is completely dry. I also created an area to mount the battery tray to keep the battery level. The areas that contain foam are completely sealed, I installed flexible conduit to run the wiring through.  I also vented the front compartment so that it would vent off any hydrogen gas from charging the battery. There are 6 LED strip lights mounted throughout the boat. 5 in the cockpit (one under the front deck, four under the gunwales spaced evenly down the boat, and one in the front compartment) You can see the auxiliary plug mounted at the front of the cockpit in the picture below as well as the LED mounted to the bulkhead.
Thanks again for such sweet plans.
Brad Taylor
Salisbury, NC


Thanks so much for the plans.  I used the boat all last season and it was perfect.

 Spencer Robichaux

I've finally finished the Duckhunter. It was basically built per the plans, however I did make a couple of slight modifications; The doors to the bow and stern compartments are flush for smoother lines and I also ran a piece of 3/4" PVC conduit under the deck at the rub rail junction from the bow compartment to the stern compartment. This will enable me to run a gas line on one side and wiring on the other from the gas tank and battery which are in the bow --- this is an attempt at better weight distribution.
All seams as well as bottom and sides were glassed with 6oz cloth and 8oz tape and the entire boat ( interior and exterior ) got three coats of epoxy. The final coat of paint went on last weekend and I plan to put it in the water for the first time this weekend. I'm going to try a 20hp motor initially and I suspect that it will be plenty. I'll give you another report after "sea trials".

It has been a very enjoyable project-- I'll probably be looking for more plans shortly.
Graves Vann

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  Forum Member: Andy
  Kernersville, NC

I wanted to send in some photos of a Duck Hunter that we built in Kansas
City.  We modified the plans a little and it works great.  Notice the
MinnKota motor on the bottom of the boat and the Stick Steering.  I will
send a few more on the next email.

Thank You,
Devin Heese

NOTE: This Duckhunter was built by a teenager in Alaska...that's Dad up front watching for icebergs. - Henry

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-Mark also built a very nice Gator, be sure to check it out on the Gator Model photo page.  Henry

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In a long list of dumb ideas this wasn't one of them.  I finally finished the boat and it is lethal in the marsh we hunt.  The blind erects in minutes and you can run with it up which is convenient.  The plan was so easy to follow and came together perfectly from the joining of the first pieces to the last. I'm probably a little overpowered with a 25hp but the extra speed is great. It really flies.  I've been asked by several people to make them one but, I'm reluctant to give up my new edge on the river despite the lure of the easy money.  Another satisfied customer.
Rob Rowan
Westport, MA
Hi Henry-
I have attached some photos of the Duckhunter that my kids and I built (there is a photo of my boatbuilding crew included). We were all very pleased with how it turned out. We did not finish the boat in time for last duck season but plan on giving it a workout this coming season. We have had a chance to take it out several times this summer fishing and just riding around and it works out well for those kinds of activities too.
The boat rides great and is incredibly stable even without any added flotation. I get a lot of stares and a lot of compliments when people see the boat and everyone is usually amazed when I tell them we built it ourselves.
I built the boat pretty much exactly to plan. The only alterations are that I made the opening for the front compartment larger than suggested, I built and installed 2 seats in middle and back of the boat and I added some gun racks under the decking on the starboard side (see photo). I also built a top to cover the cockpit when stored outside. I am running it with a 6 horse motor right now because I already owned it but intend to find a bigger motor ASAP. The 6 horse is sufficient for now but it is too slow for permanent use.
This turned out to be a great father and children project. Thanks for creating these plans, for making them available to us and for all your help along the way.
Dennis McGinnis and crew (Daniel, Colleen and Blayne)
-Dennis and his crew also built a nice pirogue skiff, check out their photos on our pirogue photos page - Henry

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This is an update shot of Dennis' Duckhunter with a new 13hp Scavenger, a lot of you have asked questions about it, looks to be a good fit. - Henry

Hello, Guys.
I wanted to say thanks for the plans. I changed them quite a bit as you can see. It is 11' 10" One thing I did was to use 1/2" AC for the top. It is very stiff. I weigh 270lbs and it does not move.
The plans are really easy to follow. Even If I did not. They are very flexible in their design. You can change them very easily.  I can't wait till the fall to be able to use the boat for ducks.
Thanks again
Tom Heath

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Finished building the boat on time for a Father's Day launch, my sons helped me with it as a winter project, had one problem with the bow but as you say, you can fix any mistake you made and modify plans to fit your taste. We decided to try a different finish and used photo camo cloth (Mossy Oak Swamp) and used fiberglass resin over top of it 2 coats, while this did add weight it made the boat even more durable and strong. I think the camo effect came out professional looking and you would not believe the number of hunters that asked where I bought the boat. It carried 3 of us out duck hunting with no problem at all the 9.9 Hp pushed us along at a good speed. I installed the seats for fishing and can remove them when hunting. Thanks for the great plans and I'm sure that we will enjoy the boats for many seasons. We call the boat the Whistler.

Bob Strachan

Here are some construction pictures in progress. The boat was simple to assemble and the plans were easy to understand. I made sure to review the plans a couple of days beforehand so that I may foresee the problem areas. The only problems that I occurred were self inflicted. If you stick to the plan everything should go well. I put 10 gallons of resin with angel hair fiberglass on the exterior. I also put 2 gallons of marine paint inside and out to give it long life. I used the marine goop in a tube from Home Depot to glue everything together. I went a little over my budget but I wanted the boat to last so that I may pass it on to my 8 year old son. All in all I spent a little over $500. Thanks again it is a wonderful boat and will get plenty of use.
Still have a little left to do. Want to camo it and install the running lights. I come from a long line of trappers and hunters. You should see the look on all the old timers faces. They can't wait too see it run. I am going to put a small 9.5 horse power on it for the first run but next month I am going to look at mud motors. I will send you some of the first run and launch. Have a great day.


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After a little work and a small amount of trimming I finally got my new Duckhunter  running and tracking properly. I canít say enough good things about the design. I spent the entire weekend on the river putting the boat through the paces.
Saturday was spent abusing the boat. I wanted to see what kind of handling qualities she had along with the stability of the design. I plan on hunting out of the boat with my seven-year-old son and I wanted no surprises this coming season in freezing water. I felt that if there were going to be any surprises I wanted them to happen in a controlled environment. I know that this is not a high speed design, but I wanted to test the design limitations. Encountering chop was no problem and high-speed slides and turns did not have any tipping tendency. I added stringers to the floor and glassed them in to eliminate floor flexing. After this past weekend in the water I have to say it was a great addition to a wonderfully stable boat.
With me, my best friend, a 115lb motor, 6 full gals of fuel, battery, and 2- 60lb bags of sand to represent gear, the boat would still jump onto a plane and run great. In all I was happy with the way the design balanced and handled the weight. I canít imagine any problems with weight.
Sunday was spent scouting for some new duck holes in newly flooded areas along the river. I took the boat into some shallow areas that required me to move about the boat pushing it along with a pole. Standing up, shifting weight, and walking on and about the boat presented no problem whatsoever. The boat had no tendency to tip or become shaky. I love the inherent stability of the design. I have no fear of my son moving about and loosing his balance while hunting aboard.
While I havenĎt build a blind around the boat or tried to cover it, I donĎt think the shape of the boat is going to hamper conceal ability. It looks great shoved into cattails, and blends right in. I have worked the dog out of the boat and he has no problems getting in or out due to the low profile and upward sweeping sides.
The boat catches stares, and I can count on someone asking about it wherever it goes. Most canít believe that it is homebuilt. It gives you a proud feeling to know that you did in fact, build it yourself. I think it is a great looking, great handling boat that is very stable; and I for one am a proud owner. Thank you for offering a great plan and wonderful design. It has been a pleasure.

Thanks!! Chad White

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I hunted out of the Duckhunter all season long.  The boat is great, and we had a fairly decent season.  Unfortunately, we never had a large migration and the birds were few and far between.  I didn't get too many pics of the boat with birds.
The boat handled everything I threw at it.  We hunted anywhere from one to three people from it with no problems.  Three is tight, but it can be done if you're not going very far.  We carried anywhere from one to six dozen dekes at a time.  I have already started making modifications for next season.  
I have had an explosion of interest in this boat over the past few days.  I have replied to several e-mails asking about the boat.  You must be selling hundreds of these plans.  Hope all is well.   
Chad White

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