Duckhunter help and info

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Duckhunter help and info

Postby cajunsnowchaser » Thu Jan 22, 2015 5:15 pm

Ok im getting upset i dont have my plans by now so here is a few questions about the duckhunter i need info on.
1. Would someone be kind enough to email me a copy of the materials list so i can order my ply and other wood this week.
2. Would someone also be kind enough to give me a list of what boards and ply get what amount of angles cut in them.
3. And i also need to know what the plans call for on spacing and height of bulkheads knees and bow and transom.
I know im asking alot of the fellow builders on here to share this info but i really want to start my boats this week and need this info as far as any other info about the boats build plans i think i can do without it. Got a lot of good pics on here to guide me through. To all who may respond i send my thanks out to you before hand. And if i offend anyone by asking for this info i give my apoligies now. Godbless
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