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Postby Gydyup » Thu Sep 15, 2011 12:43 pm

When I started building my boat, I also started looking around for a trailer. Found a great deal on a small boat/jet ski trailer a guy had. He bought it for a pig cooker, and promptly broke a spring. So I get it for 75 bucks. Its in great shape, new lights, no rust - just have to replace the springs, which I already bought from Northern Tool for 22 bucks each.

While measuring the springs, and bunk perches etc, I finally noted that I should figure out where the winch should go. so I measure from the back of the trailer where the transom should sit, fwd. At 15 foot, I am out of trailer - whooooops.

I figure this is an easy fit, just extend the tongue 4 ft. I would rather replace the whole tongue, but am having trouble finding 2X3 3/16 rect tube locally, and ordering off line incurs 100-400 in shipping? Next step would be cut it all out, and replace with 3X3 Square tube.

Final solution, get a piece of 2x3 tube, 4 ft long (I can get this small piece relatively cheap in both cost and shipping).

I am a pretty solid welder, building a Mustang now, to include roll bar etc, what would you guys do. The complete 2X3 tongque replacement is the easiest, unbolt, cut the new one to the right length, bolt, weld back on. The 3X3 route requires quite a bit of cutting to open the trailer up to accept the wider steel.

Not sure how well as spliced tongue would do, I wouldnt butt it, I would stagger the cuts and then run a strong back underdneath, but probably same amount of time and work as the 3X3.

I am leaning towards the 3X3 route. How long should this thing be?
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