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Postby Gydyup » Thu Jan 19, 2012 12:35 am

Finally got my eng running. I went through it, rebuilt the carb, changed the water pump, and had to replace the eng mounts. Still wouldnt fire. Took it too a local boat salvage yard/repair shop, he replaced the stator for me.
Put the old 35 Evinrude on the boat, AWESOME. She scoots, rides great, no porpoising. Lot of motor for the boat, but I am gentle and work it up to speed and plane.
The only thing I dont like or have to get used to, my tiller I guess is short, and I have to sit on the aft hatch to feel comfortable shifting gears and operating the throttle.

Great boat though, been hunting my butt off with it, poling and paddling the Beav, now I am ready to venture out into some rivers and lakes. Only problem, ducking aint worth a crap in Gates County., NC. No one is seeing or getting much. I think I shot 8 and a goose this year, mergansers and ringers. Shot mergansers by accident and boredom, so to speak.

I had to modify my trailer to support the boat with the eng, I am nervous about the weight and road wear on the transom so I made up some braces and supports.
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