rookie mistakes

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rookie mistakes

Postby excenter66 » Tue May 15, 2012 2:34 pm

Just about finished with my first build (croc). Thought I would share a few lessons for other newbies that I have learned the hard way. Tried very hard to find decent lumber near me but options were initially limited to A large chain home improvement store..the blue one. Went with ext ply. Their 3/8 and 1/2 looked lousy so would up with a really nice sheet of 23/32. As I should have expected, ply this thick bends like crap. Searching for 14 ft 1x as called for in the plan, again not available. Wound up with some really clear 5/4 x6 treated deck board. 5/4 lumber bends like crap. Notice the trend. When I went to bend the boards to attach to the bottom I took a beating. I am a big guy and I had to put all my weight on then some to get the board to bend to the forms. I then took another beating trying to attach ply that did not want to bend to that board. Learned enough then to plane down other boards. But that first side is not quite right in all places. After all this I found a lumber stor an hour away that had good ext. ply and marine ply and 14ft fir.
Still happy with the end product, but I would love to start over with 1x4 and thinner bottom ply. The instructions are simple and the plans are clear and I enjoyed it, just wish I had the right materials. Guess I'll have to build another one for more practice :D
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