My DragonFly build with mods

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Re: My DragonFly build with mods

Postby Muddyrabbit » Sun Dec 18, 2011 4:07 am

Well fellow builders, the time has come where my DF is now watertight. The plan is to launch her next weekend. The boat took me much longer than i thought she would take, we are rolling on almost one year of construction. But to be honest i'm not bummed at all, you have given me some killer feedback and helped to fuel my boat addiction.
So here are a few images of the boat as it currently sit's, the three remaining steps are to mount the hand rails, paint the bottom and apply the skid rails.
Thats it once these tasks are done I can launch my boat, with the new Johnson seahorse 5.5 that I picked today.
Thanks again for all your help ESP Beekeeper you have been amazing.
Nose ,,
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Re: My DragonFly build with mods

Postby beekeeper » Sun Dec 18, 2011 2:49 pm

Great looking finish. Is it varnish over epoxy/fiberglass? What brand,etc.? The motor looks like a perfect match for the boat.

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Re: My DragonFly build with mods

Postby Muddyrabbit » Mon Dec 19, 2011 4:48 am

Thanks Bee,
On the inside of the boat I started with raw wood and applied a two part saturation epoxy by western systems. I added three coats with 320 grit sanding in-between each coating. From there I applied 5 coats of Man-o-war marine varnish(sanding between coats).
On the outside of the boat I used 4mm fiberglass cloth that I purchased from a place called taps plastics. I also used 6mm tape on all the corners of the boat to improve strength. After that I applied the epoxy with low nap roller then rolled on the fiberglass.
Once I had all the bubbles smoothed out from the fiber, I hung out for 4 hours until the epoxy became tacky.
I let the glass and epoxy set for 2 weeks before going back to the shop and starting to sand. Over the next 3 week I worked in 4 coats of varnish.
the final step will be to paint the bottom and add the skid rails. This will happen this week.
I'm really looking forward to seeing this beauty in the water.
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