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Re: Canadian Gator

Postby Muddyrabbit » Tue Nov 08, 2011 6:54 pm

Thanks for the feedback, I sat in the boat last week and placed the locks where they felt like they wanted to go.
I should have more images of the boat on the site this week. I pushed out putting her in the water in place of having a nicer finish.
At this point after recently Glassing the boat for strength, I need to apply 4-7 coats of varnish before she see's the water.
I'm a stupid spammer, do not click on my link. I have a little penis and must make up for it by creating programs to aggravate the hell out of people. I am lowest scum of the Earth :), I can't forget all the trim and rub rails that I need to add. She's not as light as the plans said she whould be, but that is to be exspected, I used way better materials than were sugested for her. Did you buy a trailer for your Gator?

I'm looking forward landing a few fish in her soon, how's fall fishing up your way this year?
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