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Alaska DH

Postby AKmik » Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:07 am

Here's my Kodiak DH. All wrapped up and in use.

Here's a couple pics from this weekend . I removed the blind before pics the first day. Four Harlequin that trip, missed a few and the eagles stole three others from me before I could pull the anchor and get to them. Unfortunately I could not get to the camera fast enough either.

Day two ended up with four harlequin drakes, one hen and a scotter, with only one taken by the eagles today.
I made a simple blind out of camo burlap and hunted it semi layout style with the boat anchored right beside a rocky point. I did manage to miss shots at some goldeneye and a lone mallard today while fiddling around with coffee, and boat rigging. The usual duck hunting fumbles, but all in all a great couple days with the new boat.

The reccomendation of the 20hp tohatsu was right on the money, the boat flys!! I need to fine tune a bit, getting some cavitation as the boat gets up on plane but I will work it out. I have the motor one up from bottom on the adjustment, and the plate is right in line with the planing wedges, so I may need to move her down a tad to cure this.

I moved up the shoreline about 100yds today, you know where the duck that passed by me yesterday landed. It worked out well enough. I think the next trip will be into the marsh to see if I can get some puddle ducks, or a goose.

So far I love the boat, rides great and sits nice and low.

I am ready to build another.
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Re: Alaska DH

Postby AKhunter » Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:55 pm

Nice work! Your boat looks great. I built my first DH when I was in Kodiak. When I saw your pictures I knew exactly where you were hunting.
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Re: Alaska DH

Postby AKmik » Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:02 pm

Thanks AKhunter,

Yep, a decent spot close to home. I really love hunting here, and now with a boat that can cover distance quickly I have zero competition for spots.

I have 8 days left!!! was all set to head out today and woke up to wind gusting to 50mph......that makes the spot in my pic not so nice.
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