90% finished duckhunter

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90% finished duckhunter

Postby pascook » Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:48 pm

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Boat build in progress for sale.
I have a started and about 90% complete Duckhunter by Gator Boat Company. I started this built 3-4 years ago and have never finished it. Health problem will prevent me from finishing it. We are now selling our house so it is time to part. Build has been kept in a dry garage the entire time and is in very good shape.
I use ½ Exterior AC ply from Lowes, galvanized screws and various type of epoxy in the build. I also used Titebond III wood glue.
Inside is completely glassed and 2 layers of epoxy.
Remaining tasks
Glass bottom
Install keelsons
Floatation foam compartments on both sides of Transom (this is optional)
Install gas tank in bow (optional)
Install decking
Rub rails
Drill hole and install drain plug hole
I have most of the supplies needed to complete this boat. I have ply for decking, Heavy fiberglass cloth, epoxy, 1X2X12 for keelsons.
I can’t find my plans but I am sure you can get a copy. I think they were about $20.
The following is a good forum of advice and info about these boats.

I am about 30 miles north of Seattle

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