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The Swamp Fox is our new lapstrake dory.  The boat is still being built, but plans will be available soon.  This would be considered an advanced project, requiring some woodworking experience and proper tools (table saw, router, bandsaw, etc.)  We're building this one of Cypress board and Fir ply. 

This boat uses a slightly different approach than traditional lapstrake, making it easier to build.  There are no lofting requirements, and the plans will include instruction on the "tricks" to make it easier.


Length: 15' on deck Side Height: ~17"
Max. Width: 28" on floor Capacity: 700 lb
Weight: ~ 180 lb Sug. Motor: up to 15hp gas
Build Time*: ~ 85 hrs. Avg. Material Cost* $325

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(Be sure to take a look at the other photos submitted by our builders.)

Finished Dory at the Georgetown, SC Wooden Boat Show.  Hull is Cypress, seats Douglas Fir. Seats can be modified for power, sail, and one or two person oars.
Classic lapstrake curves The narrow hull makes for a swift boat, either by power or paddle.
"Cajun Bob" gets first crack at the dory at our fancy test-pond The interior and exterior have been epoxied, but not yet painted.  The Fir seats have not yet been installed in this photo.
Frame for construction Trimmed transom with braces

Bare hull before trimming

PLANS:  $20


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*Time varies with options, included, your woodworking experience and tools, this is a medium average.
**Avg. Material Cost includes Cypress board and exterior Fir ply, galv. screws and oil paint.  Does not include epoxy.

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